Fly in 4

Fly in 4 is a partnership between incoming freshmen and the university. It limits the number of hours per week that students have to work for pay and guarantees that students can graduate in four years, potentially saving them thousands of dollars in debt.

In each incoming class, 500 students with demonstrated financial need will receive annual grants of $4,000 so they can dedicate more time to their studies and less time to working. Every incoming freshman will also be given the tools and resources to graduate in four years.

If you fulfill all of your responsibilities under the partnership but still can’t finish your degree on time, Temple will pay the cost of any remaining courses

Why it matters

Taking longer than four years to complete a degree can add thousands of dollars in debt. It also delays your entry into the higher-paying, college-educated segment of the workforce. Students from middle- and low-income backgrounds are most at risk for taking longer than four years to graduate, in part because they often work a number of hours each week at off-campus jobs.

How it works

Under Fly in 4, Temple will provide $4,000 annual grants to 500 students with demonstrated financial need, so those students can concentrate more on their studies and less on work. The university will also ensure that classes are available when students need them and provide advising and academic plans that keep students on track, so that all incoming freshmen can graduate in four years.

But Fly in 4 is not a one-way street. Students must consult with an academic advisor each semester; register early for classes; advance annually in class standing; and complete a graduation review at or prior to completing 90 credits. If they fulfill all of their requirements but still can’t graduate on time, the university will pay for any remaining coursework.

Who’s eligible

All students


  • First-time, full-time entering freshmen*

Student responsibilities

  • Sign and submit partnership agreement
  • Advance annually in class standing by meeting 30, 60 and 90 credit checkpoints
  • Complete a graduation review at or prior to 90 credits to certify eligibility to graduate
  • Consult with an academic advisor at least once a semester
  • Register for the upcoming semester during priority registration

Students with demonstrated need (eligible for $4,000 annual grant)


  • First-time, full-time entering freshmen* with demonstrated financial need

Student responsibilities

  • Meet financial criteria
  • Fulfill responsibilities above for all students

*Transfer students must see an advisor to review their academic plans to determine if prior attendance and credits earned elsewhere with remaining credits needed to graduate from Temple will allow them to earn a degree in four years. Students who have a path to graduate in four years will be eligible to sign the partnership agreement.

What else Temple does to help

During his inauguration, President Neil D. Theobald made lowering student costs the first of his six commitments to the Temple community. Fly in 4 is only one of several ways that Temple helps students:

  • Limiting tuition: Over the past two years, Temple has kept tuition increases to an average of less than 1.5 percent.
  • Increasing scholarships: In the last fiscal year, support for students from alumni and other donors nearly doubled to $16.5 million.
  • Teaching financial literacy: "Inve$ting for the Future" and "Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning" are some of the courses Temple offers to educate students on financial basics.
  • Student Loan and Money Management Center: Students can visit to learn about loans, credit and financing a college education.
  • Improving efficiency: Temple has cut its operating costs significantly over the past decade, reducing the inflation-adjusted cost of education by nearly 10 percent.
  • Making students "real-world ready": When Temple students graduate, they have the skills and networking connections to succeed in the real world.


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