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At Temple, students are free to make their own decisions and discover things for themselves. It’s a place where there’s always new people to meet, new friends to make, and new things to talk about. Here's what some of our students are talking about right now:

Chelsea Tranbaugh, Early Childhood Education, Class of 2015

I'm involved as a Student Ambassador in the College of Education, a member of the College of Education Student Council and an Owl Ambassador!

Lindsey Casella, Advertising, Class of 2016

Raised Jersey Fresh but was born to be Temple Made. Here are the adventures of a small-town girl finding her way in the city and in her field.

Shaun Luberski, Strategic Communication, Class of 2016

A senior public relations major sharing her love of college, Philadelphia, photography and concerts. Travel with her to London this summer!

Temple Student, Valerie
Valerie Colantuono, Biology and Therapeutic Recreation Double Major (Pre-Med), Class of 2018

Voted most likely to be seen on a hot date with her Organic Chemistry textbook at 2 a.m. Venture with future Dr. Valerie as she explores the city of Philadelphia and all the beautiful things it has to offer!

Paige Knapp, Public Relations, Class of 2016

College marked the start of a whole new chapter in my life, and so far it has been beyond wonderful. I can certainly confirm that college is absolutely the BEST years of your life.

Temple Student, Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn Oberg, Nursing, Class of 2018

A sophomore nursing major who left a home in the woods to live in the big city at my dream school. Follow me as I figure out this amazing experience they call college, the city of Philadelphia, and just what exactly the word "jawn" means.

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