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Kristina has worked at Temple University for about two years as the freshman International Admissions counselor. As head of the #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship, she wants you all to know that you all are truly welcome here at Temple University.

Over the past decade, she has worked with high school students, directing college access programs in urban communities and mentoring and counseling youth around the world. She enjoys traveling and has been to over 15 different countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

For over three years, she also lived and worked in China with students in Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Wuxi as an international education consultant. Kristina helped these students get admitted into top American universities and she helped them thrive by providing university cultural, academic and public speaking workshops.

Reviewing applications, speaking with students about our world-renowned university and international education in general are important to her. In a time of world turmoil, she sees international education as the perfect opportunity to develop positive relationships with people around the world. Kristina believes students should study at Temple University for exposure to international diversity and real-world experiences.

Her favorite spot on campus, particularly for a zen lunch break, is Founder’s Garden. Another her favorite campus lunch spot is Chop Chop, a Vietnamese food truck on campus where she can get some warm tasty pho on a cold day.

Her advice to prospective students is to learn more about Philadelphia, a city filled with history and culture, that serves as a second classroom to students. Kristina also loves Philadelphia’s cultural diversity, the many concerts and festivals here, particularly in the summer, and all the great food.

First language: English

Second language: Mandarin