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Sabriya recruits and reviews freshman applications. She also works with English Language Learners on how to navigate getting into the university through our English Language Programs.
Sabriya is a proud Temple alumna who has had the chance to study and work abroad in education. She is also proud to call Philadelphia her home, a wonderful city full of youth, excitement and opportunity. International education is important to her because she believes that learning about other countries increases people's empathy, which will help to create a kinder world for future generations.

Her advice for international students is to talk to admissions staff. Navigating the college process is difficult especially when considering education abroad. Our admissions counselors want to help and cannot wait for you to be able to join our community. Sabriya’s favorite hangout place on campus is O’Connor Plaza and her favorite lunch spot on campus is Burger Tank.

First language: English

Second language: Spanish