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As the International Admissions Assistant, Whitney works alongside admissions counselors to ensure that students have complete application packages that are ready for consideration. A first generation Bahamian-American, Whitney is passionate about international students’ success and wellbeing, and is excited to bring that passion to Temple University.

Prior to her time at Temple University, Whitney earned her MA in International Security from Georgetown University, after which she worked and studied in East and Central Africa. She has traveled to nearly 20 countries, but has spent the most time working on foreign affairs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, studying post-conflict reconciliation in Gulu, Uganda, and doing non-profit work in Kigali, Rwanda.

Originally from Maryland, Whitney relocated to Philadelphia after being enticed by the city’s deep history and cultural diversity. While she’s still relatively new to the area, her favorite place to eat on campus is the Caribbean Feast Food Truck, which gives her a little taste of home.
First Language: English
Second Language: Swahili