Provisional Admission

As a provisionally admitted student, you will receive the appropriate placement in Temple’s Intensive English Language Program (IELP).

Upon successfully completing the IELP’s Intermediate 3 level, you can move into the Conditional Admission program, where you can take credit-bearing classes along with your IELP classes.  Or if you do not want to take credit-bearing classes, you can remain in the IELP and continue taking English classes full time.

Upon successfully completing either the Conditional Admission program or IELP Advanced 2, you will automatically receive admission to Temple University.

How to Apply 

Step 1: Send in your application by mail.

Step 2: Mail academic documents to Temple Admissions.

The following documents are necessary to complete your application.

Once you submit your documents, they become the property of Temple University and we cannot return them to you. If you prefer, you can retain your originals and submit notarized copies.

Provide documents in your native language as well as a version translated into English.

Mail all documents to 

International Admissions
1803 N. Broad St., 714 Carnell Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6096

Step 3: Check the status of your application.

Log in to your TUportal account to check your application status.

If you receive Provisional Admission, the Intensive English Language Program will contact you about next steps.