Carmina Cianciulli
Carmina Cianciulli
Transfer Coordinator
TYL '80
Office: 215-204-6961


Carmina recruits transfer students at local community colleges, reviews transfer applications for admission including Tyler School of Art and Architecture applicants, and completes transfer credit evaluations.

Carmina believes that the Tyler School of Art and Architecture is one of the most exciting places at Temple. Student exhibitions change weekly during the semester (free coffee and cookies on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. for the openings!), and Temple Contemporary has produced programs and exhibitions of national and international importance. The October Art Market is a can't-miss event, as are the student art sales each semester.

Carmina has been at Temple for a long time and says her favorite moment is the annual Convocation, the event that officially welcomes students as the newest members of the Temple community. She looks forward to hearing about our students' successes and adventures, and doing what she can to help support them.