Pre-college Mentors (PCMs) provide support for you throughout your Temple Pre-college experience. PCMs are current Temple students studying in various fields across the university. They are responsible for facilitating activities, helping students get to know each other, and acting as a resource for whatever students may need.

You'll get to know multiple PCMs throughout your program both in and out of the classroom. PCMs are there to make sure you feel comfortable and well-adjusted as you get to know your peers and adjust to college-level work. And because PCMs are current Temple students, they’ll have answers to any questions students might have about life at Temple, or applying to Temple in the future.

If you're interested in becoming a Pre-college Mentor, or if you want to see other job opportunities available with Temple Pre-college, visit our Jobs and Opportunities page.

Four of Temple's pre-college mentors stand together with arms around each other smiling for a photo.