Temple Honors embraces learning for the sake of learning. We aim to create a space in which students feel emboldened to think critically, dig deep, ask questions freely, and nerd out! This passion and commitment to learning leads to mental flexibility, interdisciplinary thought and the ability to communicate to a wide audience.  


Temple Honors values collaboration over competition and an understanding of each individual’s lived experiences. We hold a steadfast commitment to including diverse perspectives and engaging with one another in and out of the classroom to cultivate a community where everyone feels welcome and safe. 


Temple Honors promotes the development of authentic, honest, and trustworthy leaders who demonstrate cultural competence and adaptability. We encourage intentional reflection that enables students to answer the challenging question, “How will I lead?” and carry that crucial knowledge into the world. 


Temple Honors champions the exploration of identity and empowers our community to confidently advocate for themselves and others. We aim to foster empathy and equip our students with the skills to positively impact the communities they inhabit and encounter.