Honors Contracts

The hallmark of the Honors Program is completing Honors courses. Honors courses are designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary education that emphasizes discussion, experiential learning, and intellectual curiosity. Be sure to talk to an Honors Advisor about your Honors requirement options, and work to incorporate Honors classes into your schedule when possible.

However, for students with extremely limited flexibility in their course sequence, Honors contracts are an option. Students can complete two Honors contracts, but only if necessary.  Contracts is the process by which to make a non-Honors course count as upper level Honors course, and can only be used for a maximum of TWO upper-level (2000 or higher) courses. 

Honors contracts must be submitted within the first two weeks of the semester. Contracts for Spring 2024 are due by Friday, January 26th at 5pm.

Please read the information below before submitting an Honors contract.

Honors Contract FAQs

How to Submit an Honors Contract

  1. Meet with your professor as soon as possible at the start of the semester. Determine the subject, length, purpose and deadline for the project.
  2. Login to TUportal and click on My Courses.
  3. Next to the course you want to contract, click the Info icon.
  4. Click Submit an Honors Contract. From here, type the description of your added component including subject, length, purpose and deadline for the project.
  5. Click Submit when finished. You will get an email after you submit and after each approval. If the contract is denied, you will be able to resubmit.
  6. Complete the course and (if applicable) the added component with a B+ and you will earn your Honors contract!
  7. After a two-week period, your contract should be in DARS.

Honors Petitions

Students in extreme circumstances who find they cannot satisfy Honors Program Requirements due to an academic reason beyond their control are eligible to submit a petition (a) for additional contracts or (b) to count a co-curricular experience as a waiver for Honors course requirements. This is to be used as a last resort and students should speak with an advisor before submitting a petition.

The case for a petition to be approved is rare, and a student must be able to adequately document the academic barriers that prevented them from taking a satisfactory number of Honors classes that does not include the choice to complete multiple majors or minors, take less than 15 credit hours in a given semester, or the choice not to take Honors classes when available. 

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