Taking a Graduate Course for Honors Credit

Students can take a graduate course (5000 or higher) for Honors credit. In this case, no extra component needs to be added to student requirements to make it count towards Honors requirements—only confirmation that the student will be held accountable for completing the graduate-level syllabus. 

All Honors students can take one graduate course and have this count toward their upper level Honors requirements without the use of a contract. However, a form (linked below) must be submitted to the Honors office in order for the Honors staff to know that the student wishes the course to count towards their Honors program requirements.


  • Graduate courses must first be cleared with your college advising unit to ensure that they will count towards graduation requirements.
  • Courses taken exclusively for graduate credit will not fulfill an Honors requirement.
  • Completing the Graduate Course Waiver Form linked above does not register you for the graduate course. This form is only sent to Honors staff to indicate that you wish to use the course toward an Honors requirement.
  • You must be approved in advance to register for graduate courses that will count towards your undergraduate degree requirements. You can review Temple's graduate course policy here (only Options #1 and #2 are applicable).