Honors students are involved inside and outside of the classroom. We offer numerous ways for our students to contribute to Honors, Temple, and to the Philadelphia community and beyond through our student organizations—run by students, for students. 

Honors Activities Board (HAB) 

The Honors Activities Board organizes social, cultural and academic programming for the Honors Program at Temple University. Some highlights include murder mystery dinners, trips to Philly events, and a year-end Honors Ball! 

Honors Ambassadors To Temple (HATT) 

Members of the Honors Ambassadors to Temple (called Honors Ambassadors) help prospective students learn about Temple and the Honors Program by showing them campus, experiencing Honors classes, and visiting the living-learning community. 

Temple Honors Appalachia (THA) 

Honors Appalachia takes students to various locales to engage in service-learning through building homes, learning about other cultures, and more! It encourages students to engage in volunteer work throughout Philadelphia over the course of the academic year, culminating in a week-long excursion that immerses students in the life, beauty, and struggles of the Appalachian region. 

Honorables of Color (HoC) 

The Honorables of Color is a discussion group for students of color in the Temple University Honors Program. These gatherings offer minority Honors students an opportunity to share their experiences, discuss social issues, network across academic majors, and connect with campus faculty and staff of color in order to build a sense of community at Temple. 

Honors Community Outreach (HCO) 

Honors Community Outreach is a group of students dedicated to strengthening community relationships. In addition to promoting volunteerism, HCO also hosts workshops and training to be a better member of the North Philly community during our time at Temple. 

Honors Creatives 

The Honors Creatives are a group of artistically minded students that span all schools and colleges in the Honors Program. Fun fact--honors students can even sign up to curate their own art exhibition in the Honors Lounge! 

Honors Peer Mentors (HPM) 

The Honors Peer Mentors are resources and guides in helping students transition to the Honors community, connect to campus and city resources, and develop skills for current and future success. 

Honors Social Media Team 

Yes, we're an organization of the times and we have social media. Luckily, each of our accounts is run by students, so the content is cool. Follow us @TempleHonors on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Honors Student Forum

Honors Forum is the representative voice of the Honors student body, where a selected group of Honors students work to improve and uplift the Honors Program.

First-Gen Honors (FGH) 

First-Gen Honors is a space to make college less daunting for first-gen students while making fun memories along the way. Its goals are inspiring and motivating first-gen students, establishing a vibrant community, and providing accessible resources to ensure academic and career success.