One of the most challenging parts of a new environment is finding a place where you belong and feel wholeheartedly accepted.

Temple Honors is that place! 

  • It means you will have a group of peers and staff that you can feel comfortable striking up a conversation with about anything. Meet our advisors!
  • It means that when you walk into one of the Honors Spaces or classrooms you feel safe to be unapologetically yourself. Look how cozy!
  • It means taking Honors REACT in your first year to unpack the meaning of community. Learn how it works!
  • It means there are a variety of Honors student orgs you can join to support your personal and professional needs. Find one that suits you!
  • It means there is a group of students with the sole mission to be your voice called Honors Forum that wants to know your thoughts. Meet your representatives!

The next four years of your life should not solely center around academics, and at Temple Honors you can find a world of friendship, diversity, and inclusion.