Honors Lounge

Honors Lounge

Perched on the second floor of the Southwest corner of Tuttleman, the Honors Lounge is the perfect place to prepare for class in the morning, meet up with friends during the day, or finish your homework before leaving campus. Fitted with computer stations, monitors, couches, yoga balls, office chairs, games, and more, this space will have everything you need for a work session or a quick rest & recovery in between classes. Within the Honors Lounge, there is an additional classroom that can be reserved for group work or club meetings. There is tons of natural light flooding in through the large windows on the west side of the building, which makes for an inviting and uplifting space to utilize. We also have a 3D printer available for student use! Students can click here to complete the 3D print interest form!

The Huddle


The Huddle is another honors space right across the hall from the lounge. With many tables and breakout rooms for collaboration, this is the perfect spot on campus to work on group projects, chat with peers over lunch, or start a business with other honors students. In the back of the lounge, there is a quaint library with couches to allow for some decompression amidst your brainstorming. Additionally, there is a large conference room and a small conference room that can be reserved for group sessions, club meetings, or other gatherings that may fit your needs.

Honors space reservations

As an honors student, you are able to reserve 5 different spaces of various sizes for group events. These spaces include the small and large conference rooms in the Huddle, the Huddle's main room, the Honors Lounge, and the classroom within the Honors Lounge. You can use this link to reserve a spot!