Pre-college is one of the few things that can truly prepare you for the intense transition from high school to college. With early first-hand experience, key classes, and valuable contacts, you’ll be a step ahead of your peers.

Experience it all first-hand.

There’s no doubt that college is very different from high school, which makes it hard to get a real understanding of how things will change in the next step of your education. Pre-college gives you that opportunity to truly experience college on your own. You’ll learn what you want from college, how you study in college classes, and even what majors appeal to you ー all before your freshman year.

To guide you through this explorative process, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions at college knowledge sessions in partnership with offices and groups across campus, such as

Get a head start.

Non-credit workshops give you a taste of what it will be like to study a particular subject in college without the pressure of grades and tests. You may leave your non-credit workshops with a better sense of your future college major. In Summer Academy or Summer Scholars, you will also have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking General education (GenEd) or introductory courses. These courses are fundamental to your growth and development as a student, and by taking them while you are still in high school, you may have more room in your schedule for the courses that you really love come freshman year.

Make connections.

Pre-college is an incredible opportunity to establish relationships throughout campus. Whether you befriend professors, other faculty, or even potential future students, it’ll be nice to see a few friendly faces the next time you come to campus. Having people that you can rely on for support and advice will make your transition to college just that much easier.