Pre-college isn’t just about what you’re learning ー it’s also about where you’re learning. With a lively campus, delicious food, and supportive resources, your home-away-from-home will have everything you need.


Just minutes away from your classes, Pre-college students are housed in minor residence halls for the summer. You’ll be surrounded by a vibrant university campus and an exciting city. You can explore both when you get here, but why not take a sneak peak at campus in a 360° Virtual Tour? Click here and scroll until you see “Virtual Tour” in a red box on the right hand side to witness all our campus has to offer. Learn more about campus housing on our Campus Housing page.


All residential Pre-college students are provided with three meals per day, plus snacks, as part of their housing fee. With a wide variety of food, along with vegetarian and vegan options, you’re bound to find something you love. Dining halls can accommodate most common food allergies and dietary restrictions. Other places to eat include quick-service locations on campus and food trucks. Learn more by visiting our Dining and Meal Plans page.

Campus Resources

All across campus, Temple University buildings are committed to your success. Pre-college students will have access to 

  • the Howard Gittis Student Center, complete with an information desk, design and printing services, a game room, and much more;

  • beautiful libraries with any resources or study space you could ask for; and

  • the Temple University SEPTA Station, providing quick and convenient access to our incredible city.

Charles Library at night. People walk on a brick sidewalk among trees and other greenery.

Pre-college Supervision

Available to students 24/7 from start to end, program supervision is provided by trained Pre-college Mentors (PCMs) who are current students and leaders in the Temple community. These individuals are trained and knowledgeable in campus resources, conflict resolution, multicultural awareness, community building, and crisis response. Students living in campus housing will also have access to a resident manager, who will live in the residence hall and provide support to students and Pre-college Mentors.