This interdisciplinary Honors minor will investigate these pressing questions from a broad range of perspectives. It will provide students from all majors with the opportunity to incorporate in-depth analysis and awareness of social issues into a wide variety of fields and possible career paths. It will help them as scholars, researchers, lawyers, doctors, scientists, and business and IT experts to think about a wide range of solutions to these pressing problems. 

This undergraduate minor will guide students with the following learning goals:

  • Define social justice. What is it? Is it one thing? How can it be measured?
  • Critically engage the experiences of oppression and privilege of certain populations and communities.
  • Provide tools for better understanding public policy and its outcomes.
  • Provide a clearer understanding of how individuals, institutions, and society perpetuate and challenge social, economic, health, and environmental injustice.
  • Explore theories of justice and polices that aid in the reduction of social inequalities.
  • Offer opportunities to think and problem solve in an interdisciplinary fashion.


1. Economic Inequality and (in)Justice

2. Race and Justice

3. Environmental and Food Justice

4. Social Protest/Dissent

5. Crime, Law, and Punishment

6. Public Health and Ill-Heath