Student Activities for Pre-college Students

Currently, there are no upcoming student activities. Please keep an eye out for future student activities for Fall 2021.

Whether you're currently enrolled in a pre-college program, or you're looking to attend an activity to get a sense of whether a pre-college program is right for you, we offer many opportunities for you to gain some college experience as a high school student. We have wrapped up our activities for the summer 2021 season, but stay tuned to hear about upcoming student activities for the fall. 

Evenings and Weekends

Each week, Temple Pre-college Programs offer a variety of social activities in the evenings and on weekends, after workshops and courses have concluded for the day, so every student can participate regardless of their Pre-college schedule. Field trips, guest speakers, pizza and movie nights, and other events are just some of the extracurriculars that students can look forward to during their time with Temple Pre-college. From making TikToks, to learning about the rich history of Philadelphia, and everything in between, students have many opportunities to socialize and expand their horizons.