Our Owls find a home in Philadelphia and beyond.

At Temple, we have an academic community that spans the globe. Our established, diverse campuses offer undergraduate students more than an education—they offer new ways to explore and participate in the world. And, no matter where you study, you’ll be an integral part of the Temple community.

Whether you find home at our Main Campus in Philadelphia, our regional campuses, or abroad in Rome or Japan, our campuses open the door to a world of unique experiences. You’ll graduate with the skills and knowledge to set yourself apart and make a difference in the world.

Explore our campuses and see where our Owls call home, or discover more about Temple’s undergraduate programs by campus.

Main Campus

Located in North Philadelphia, Temple’s Main Campus offers a contemporary, dynamic education in a historic city we’re proud to call home. When you study at Main Campus, you’re studying in the center of it all. 

Our Main Campus offers students

  • a wide variety of undergraduate academic programs, schools and colleges, and student housing;
  • state-of-the-art facilities for students to meet, create, innovate and study;
  • 18 Division I sports teams and more than 250 student organizations;
  • access to professional internships and experiences in Philadelphia; 
  • close proximity to the center of the city’s thriving food and restaurant scene, shopping districts, museums, galleries and cultural venues; and
  • the excitement of a big city with the close-knit feel of a traditional campus setting.

View a map of our Main Campus.

Ambler Campus

Located about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia, Temple’s Ambler Campus offers the benefits of a small, beautiful suburban campus with the resources of a large, global research university.

Several of Temple’s more than 160 undergraduate majors can be started at Ambler Campus, and some degrees—including degree programs from the Fox School of Business, Tyler School of Art and Architecture and College of Liberal Arts—can be completed entirely. 

Students who attend our Ambler Campus will find 

  • the convenience of a suburban campus with the academic and extracurricular benefits of a world-class university;
  • environmentally focused courses and academic support centers; 
  • a diverse range of learning gardens available at the Ambler Arboretum; and
  • the Infant and Child Laboratory, Small Business Development Center, an aquaponics lab, and other dedicated learning and research resources.  

Learn more about our Ambler Campus and view the campus map. You can also take our interactive tour to see the Ambler Campus and to learn even more about the facilities and resources it offers.

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Temple Rome

Established more than 50 years ago, Temple Rome is the longest-standing American study abroad program in Italy. Students from various programs have the chance to study abroad for an academic year, semester or summer while experiencing everything that central Rome has to offer. And, our Temple Rome Entry Year program allows students to complete their first academic year in Rome before coming to Main Campus to finish their degree. 

Learn more about Temple Rome and view the map of campus, or see firsthand what Temple Rome offers students through our interactive campus tour.

Temple Japan

Located in downtown Tokyo, near the popular neighborhoods of Harajuku and Shibuya, Temple Japan provides students with the opportunity to fully immerse in Japanese culture while going to college. Students at Temple Japan have the option to study in Tokyo for a semester or academic year, or they can choose to study for all four years. 

Temple Japan is the oldest and largest foreign university in Japan—and it’s the only foreign full university offering four-year undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees and PhDs entirely in English.

Learn more about Temple Japan and view a map of campus. You can also explore Temple Japan and hear more about life as a student abroad through our interactive campus tour.

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Other Campuses

Temple’s other campuses provide unique learning experiences for undergraduate students and are home to many graduate and professional schools and programs. While most undergraduate students don’t take classes on these campuses, they are still an integral part of the Temple community. 

Center City Campus

Located in downtown Philadelphia, just a short subway ride away from Main Campus, Temple University Center City (TUCC) offers an alternative location to take certain courses in conjunction with coursework at Main and Ambler campuses. For example, undergraduate students can study at Main Campus and choose to take one course in Center City. TUCC allows students to complete coursework in a format that meets their professional and personal needs. 

Benefits of TUCC include

  • night and weekend classes;
  • courses and programs for adult and continuing education students;
  • convenient access to SEPTA, Philadelphia’s public transportation; and
  • opportunities to explore all that the city of Philadelphia has to offer.

Explore our Center City campus and view the campus map.

Harrisburg Campus

Temple Harrisburg is located across the street from the Pennsylvania State Capitol. Here, we offer

  • our Pennsylvania Capital Semester for undergraduate students interested in politics and government; 
  • certificate programs; and 
  • professional development opportunities for working adults. 

Learn more about our Harrisburg Campus and view a map of campus.

Health Sciences Center

Located in North Philadelphia, Temple’s Health Sciences Center is home to our medical-related professional schools and colleges. Students in our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program take classes at this campus, and other students can participate in internship and research opportunities here. 

Explore our Health Sciences Campus and facilities or view a map of campus.

Podiatric Medicine Campus

This campus is located in downtown Philadelphia and is dedicated to professional students studying at Temple’s School of Podiatric Medicine. 

Learn more about the School of Podiatric Medicine.

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