Temple University’s Pre-college Workshops invite students entering grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 to experience Temple University academics while exploring potential college majors through non-credit workshops. Students in Temple's Pre-college Workshops will

  • attend two non-credit workshops (one AM and one PM, topics vary depending on dates),
  • develop their interests in various academic fields,
  • build their confidence and sense of independence,
  • engage in interactive, project-based learning, and
  • make new friends and build community with other students from diverse backgrounds.

Temple Pre-college Workshops will have three (3) two-week sessions for summer 2022. Most workshops will be offered in person, but some online options are available. 

  • June 27–July 8, 2022
  • July 11–July 22, 2022
  • July 25–August 5, 2022

Please note that most workshops are now sold out and the last day to enroll in this program is Friday, June 10. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please email precollege@temple.edu with your full name, the session dates you would like to attend, and the workshops you would like to attend.

Customize your Temple Pre-college Workshops to suit your interests.

40+ workshop options. Topics include health and medicine, writing, the arts, business, politics and social justice, leadership, pre-law, college readiness, and more. Your first workshop will meet daily in the morning. Your second workshop will meet daily in the afternoon. Workshop choices vary depending on session dates.

Browse our Pre-college Program Guide to view all of our available workshops and read their descriptions. Our Pre-college Program Guide is interactive; as you flip through the pages, you can click on program names to learn more about the program on our website, you can click buttons to start your application, or you can watch testimonial videos from previous pre-college alumni.

Interactive, project-based classes.

Your program will be a mix of class sessions with your instructors, and time to work on your own or in a small group. Every workshop is designed to be as interactive as possible. Your non-credit workshops are designed to introduce you to the key concepts of various academic fields through project-based learning, often through work in small groups. Most class periods are 75 minutes long, but one day per week, you will have an extended class period to give you enough time to go on a field trip, participate in a lab, engage with a guest speaker, etc.

College knowledge sessions.

Twice a week, you will meet with various Temple departments to learn more about getting into college, paying for college, and taking advantage of academic and social opportunities once you are there. You will meet with offices like Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Services, Education Abroad, the Career Center, the Honors Program, and more. While information presented in these seminars will be delivered by Temple staff, much of the information will be transferrable to your college search generally.

Sample Schedule




Morning Workshop




Prep (time to work on assignments, group projects, etc.) OR college knowledge session




Afternoon Workshop




Prep OR college knowledge session

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