Temple offers more than 160 majors across a wide range of challenging and in-demand fields.

No matter what your goals are, you’ll have the tools and experience you need to accomplish them and get to where you want to be. But when deciding what university to apply to, it’s not just about having the major. We provide our students with access to expert faculty, unique research opportunities and state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Find the right major for you.

Explore the most up-to-date listing of majors online by using our degree search tool. Find a major in your area of interest below or browse all majors alphabetically.

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Online Learning Program

Our Online Learning Program provides courses online and via videoconference, offering students more flexibility and enabling professionals to continue their education according to their own schedules. Courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to continuing education students. Learn more about our Online Learning Program.