Jump-start your Temple education and save on tuition.

We’re committed to offering flexible academic offerings so all students have the opportunity to get ahead in the classroom or try university-level courses as part of the college search process.

Current high school students, students who are taking a gap year between high school and college, and recent high school graduates who have been admitted to Temple may be permitted to take online courses at a reduced cost. When you register for a fall, spring or summer course, you’ll pay half the tuition. For example, a three-credit course typically costs $1,950, so you would pay $975.

Students who are currently in high school or taking a gap year may take one course per term at the reduced tuition rate. Admitted students may take one Summer I and Summer II course at the reduced tuition rate.

Why enroll in a course at Temple? 

As a high school student, you can take a course to help you

  • prepare for the transition to university-level coursework,
  • save time by getting a head start on earning academic credits,
  • explore fields of study that interest you before you start your first semester,
  • have the flexibility to take courses online and
  • save on tuition.

Register for Summer Courses 

If you wish to register for a course during the summer terms, please follow the registration instructions below. 

  • Students who have been admitted to Temple should contact their school or college advisor, who will work with you to select the course that is right for you. School and college contacts are included below.

  • Current high school students who have not been admitted to Temple and current gap year students should contact Temple’s Academic Resource Center to coordinate registering for summer courses. Contact Neal Conley, director of the Academic Resource Center, by email at neal.conley@temple.edu.

Please note that Temple is unable to offer financial aid for summer online courses.

Course Offerings 

You can choose from the following courses for the Summer I and Summer II terms.

School and College Contacts

If you have questions about course offerings, contact the school or college you’re interested in or to which you were admitted.

School or College

Contact Name and Title

Email Address

Tyler School of Art and Architecture

David Logan, director of academic advising


Fox School of Business

Julian White, director of academic advising


Office of Continuing Studies

Neal Conley, director of academic advising


College of Education and Human Development

Owen Jones, academic advisor


College of Engineering

Melissa Valdes, assistant director of academic advising


College of Liberal Arts

Chris Wolfgang, assistant dean of student services


Klein College of Media and Communication

Marybeth Flynn, assistant director of academic advising


Boyer College of Music and Dance

Brad Pearson, director of academic advising


College of Public Health

Lindsay Raab, associate director of academic advising


College of Science and Technology

Tom Price, director of academic advising


School of Theater, Film and Media Arts

Brad Pearson, director of academic advising


School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management

Heather Blackburn, assistant dean