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Fly in 4 is Temple’s innovative way of ensuring you complete your degree in four years—or sooner. One of the first of its kind in the U.S., the Fly in 4 program helps you stay on course academically and financially by offering you a clear four-year academic plan to get you to graduation on time. By graduating in four years, you’ll avoid the extra costs associated with taking additional semesters.

How Fly in 4 Helps You

Fly in 4 is a partnership between you and Temple. We provide you with the resources you need to graduate in four years, such as 

By signing up, you can limit your student loan debt and empower yourself to take charge of your future by entering the professional workforce as soon as possible.

Fly in 4 guarantees that you can complete your degree on time. If you follow all of the program’s requirements and are unable to graduate in four years due to the unavailability of required courses, Temple will pay for your remaining course(s). And, there is no penalty if you opt out of the agreement or if you take longer than four years to graduate.

Quick Look

  • Number of students who have opted into Fly in 4 since its inception in 2014—almost 40,000

  • Average percentage of first-year students who have chosen to enroll in Fly in 4 since 2014—90%.

  • Fly in 4 students in the most recent cohort graduated at a rate of 20% higher than students who did not opt into the agreement.

What is Fly in 4?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn about need-based grants, discover student testimonials and get detailed steps on how to enroll. 

Sign Up to Enroll

If you’ve been offered admission to Temple, you can sign the Fly in 4 agreement by logging in to your TUportal account after we’ve received your enrollment deposit. 

Further Questions?

If you’re an international or transfer student, find out more about how the program could work for you, and get any other questions you might have answered. We are available via email at