Find out what the application process is like for international students.

Here at Temple, we’re committed to making the application process for international students as easy as possible. Learn details about the process and what the most important deadlines are, because having a plan and applying early has its perks.

Who is an international student?

You’re an international student if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. No matter where you’re from, you are welcome here.

What type of international student are you? 

When you apply as an international student, you fall into one of two categories—a first-year applicant or a transfer applicant. 

  • You are a first-year applicant if you are a student currently attending secondary school or high school.
  • You are a transfer applicant if you have completed secondary school or high school and have attempted at least 15 or more college-level credits. High school or secondary school graduates who have attempted less than 15 college-level credits should contact one of our transfer admissions counselors to discuss options.

Discover all the information you need to navigate the application process as an international first-year or transfer student, as well as the contact information for our admissions staff who can help answer any questions you might have.