We help you select the ideal path to meet your goals.

Going to college and choosing a major can be overwhelming at times. Temple’s academic advising offices provide you with the support and guidance you need for success during your academic journey.

Students receive academic advising directly from their school and college advising offices. After they have declared a major, a faculty or staff member from that academic department will provide ongoing, individualized support.

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Academic Support

From degree guidance to individualized tutoring, Temple’s staff, faculty and resource centers are available to help you meet your goals.

  • Academic Resource Center. Offers advising for Continuing Studies (non-degree) students, University Studies (undeclared) students and students in transition.

  • Continuing Studies. Academic resources are available to professionals, adult learners and current/visiting students who wish to earn college credits without enrolling in a degree program.

  • Disability Resources and Services. Committed to inclusivity for all students, Temple provides placement testing, assistive technology and other academic accommodations to those with diverse abilities.

  • Resnick Academic Support Center. The Resnick center offers academic and career support for student-athletes, as well as resources to help students manage the demands of their studies and their sport.

  • University Studies. The academic home for undeclared students and students in transition between majors, University Studies provides access to advisors who help you choose the right degree program for you.

  • Student Success Center. A comprehensive, academic support resource, the Student Success Center offers graduate and undergraduate students access to tutors, workshops, retreats, colloquia and more.

  • Writing Center. A gathering place where student writers work with their peers in a supportive environment, the Writing Center helps students sharpen their writing and researching skills.


  • Honors Program. Dedicated to providing high-achieving students with individualized opportunities, the Temple Honors Program offers strong encouragement and academic support while cultivating an inclusive student community.

  • Business Honors Program. A challenging program for students enrolled in the Fox School of Business.

  • Department Honors. See your academic department in your anticipated school or college for information about honors programs.

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Advising Offices by Campus

Learn more about the advising offices at Temple’s campuses. If you’re looking to study abroad at one of Temple’s international campuses or through another university’s program, advisors at your school or college, as well as advisors through the Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses are available to see how your academics plans fit into your travel plans. 

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