Fearless Faculty

Temple University attracts leading minds from around the world who bring their professional experiences, research endeavors and compassion into the classroom so students are learning from—and collaborating with—true experts.

As an R1 Carnegie Classification institution, we have the highest research activity among four-year universities. What does that mean for you? Gain exposure to top-tier faculty members and apply your knowledge to the real world. Our professors are not just teaching—they are mentoring, collaborating and creating breakthroughs every day.

Thinking Outside the Box

Our faculty members actively work to give students the best experience possible. With over 2,000 full-time faculty, you have the opportunity to have individualized mentorships, develop skills to think critically with a global perspective and fully immerse yourself in an open, vigorous learning environment. 

Meet some of our professors who are impacting the lives of students and the world around them.

Picture of Aron Pilhofer

Aron Pilhofer

James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation

Professor Pilhofer previously worked as an executive editor, digital and interim chief digital officer for The Guardian and served as interactive news editor for The New York Times. At Temple, he co-founded two news-related startups: DocumentCloud.org, now housed at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, and Hacks & Hackers.

Picture of Ellen Weber

Ellen Weber

Assistant Professor, Strategic Management and Executive Director of Temple’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute

Professor Weber serves as executive director of Robin Hood Ventures, a group of angel investors she founded 23 years ago, which focus on early-stage, high-growth companies in the region. At Temple, she helped implement two new innovation spaces at the university, with the goal of bringing students together to collaborate and share their ideas.

Picture of Ruth Ochia

Ruth Ochia

Associate Professor of Instruction, Engineering

Since the age of 16, Professor Ruth Ochia knew she wanted to be a doctor. It wasn’t until she was older, however, that she decided to take the leap to pursue biomedical engineering. Now, she’s a pioneer who helped launch one of the country’s only bioengineering undergraduate programs at Temple. “It’s exciting to be involved at the very beginning of the program. I feel like I can really make a difference.”

Picture of Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts: Africology & African American Studies

Nicknamed “The Rapping Professor,” Professor Aaron Smith went viral for his unique approach to lectures, racking up nearly 10 million views in three weeks. As opposed to the traditional way of reviewing for upcoming exams, Smith prefers to be more spontaneous—by turning his lessons into impromptu raps. “Instead of just theorizing and always showing slides and displaying what used to happen back in the day and what other people did, I figured some practical application would be more impactful for my students to really see the art in action.”

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Student-faculty Mentorship

With a 13-1 student-faculty ratio, your professors are not here to just teach. They are here to serve as a springboard for your creative projects—and will support you every step of the way.

Picture of Abigail Sydnes ’17

Abigail Sydnes ’17

College of Engineering

During her junior year of high school while taking a summer robotics class at the university, Abigail Sydnes first met Temple Engineering Associate Professor John Helferty. The following year, when she was accepted to Temple with a President’s Scholar Award, she’d help TA the very same course. For the rest of her time in college, she worked closely with Helferty—who she calls “Dr. H.” “I think everybody needs an advocate or a mentor, to pull you through in different situations.”

Picture of Paige Hill ’18

Paige Hill ’18

College of Liberal Arts

As a political activist, Paige Hill has always championed for the voices that go unheard. She was involved in many forms of activism, including criminal justice reform and access to reproductive rights as an undergraduate student. Now she uses that experience in immigration legal spaces, to help advocate for asylum seekers. “My inspiration came directly from Temple’s faculty. I was given the tools to explore teaching and political science as a career, and as something I may be good at.”

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Virtual Learning

In the virtual space, our professors have adapted to a new, modern way of teaching and keeping students engaged. Whether you take class in-person or online, the sense of community at Temple remains unbreakable.

Picture of Betsy Tutelman

Betsy Tutelman

Professor, Media Studies & Production

Professor Tutelman hosts online coffeehouses to help her students socialize and network with one another. “I think an important aspect of this is that it provides another outlet for students to engage with each other. It’s a chance for them to relax and tell their story, or to ask people about their story.”

Picture of A.J. Kreimer

A.J. Kreimer

Assistant Professor of Practice, Accounting

Professor Kreimer isn’t new to teaching in a virtual space. He has been teaching online classes for years in order to keep his students ahead of the digital curve. “That’s what digital learning is all about—delivering an outstanding product that makes our students feel that they’re getting value for their education, and still show them that you care and that they matter.”

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