About Us

The Philadelphia Learning and Achievement Network (PLAN) provides opportunities for Philadelphia students and their parents/guardians to explore the fundamentals of college preparation, career exploration, and financial literacy. 

Who we are?

Members of the P.L.A.N. committee are college admission counselors, administrators, working professionals from Temple University, along with dedicated community members throughout the greater Philadelphia region. Together, we have all committed to the challenge of providing students with the best PLAN to succeed in their educational pursuits.

What do we do? What are our goals?

The purpose of the Philadelphia Learning and Achievement Network is to offer a forum in which families can ask questions, receive answers, and discuss the realities of achieving post-secondary education. By attending our events, the students and families of School District of Philadelphia will have a new set of tools to make sure students are ready to “PLAN” for their future.  Our goals for each event is to provide:

·         Knowledge to form an in-depth understanding of the collegiate application processes, including timelines, key terms, and deadlines.

·         Early exposure to the college admissions and financial aid processes via presentations from Temple University’s Admissions, Student Financial Services, Career Services, and Academic Advising offices.

·         Self-awareness of each student’s academic potential by helping connect their personal interests to future careers and professions.

·         Networking opportunities with fellow students, families, and professionals throughout the city of Philadelphia and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

When will these events happen?

Information sessions and campus events will occur in the fall and spring of each year, allowing students and families to attend the various academic sessions and workshops as they please. 

I have questions about Philly P.L.A.N.! How do I get in contact with the committee?

Give us a call at (215)-204-5103! Shoot us an email, plan@temple.edu and don't forget to follow us Facebook and Twitter!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!