Owls Get Hired: Maria Wright

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Maria Wright

Maria Wright

Home Country: Ecuador

Fox International MBA Graduate

Current Postion: Owner, The Wright Agency (Insurance Agency)


Work History:  Sara Lee-Trade Marketing team,  Planalytics (a business weather intelligence company)-Client Services team.

Career Highlight: Being interviewed on national TV about my expertise about weather’s effects on business.

Work challenges:  Improving our industry management systems and technology so we can scale our company and be more competitive while maintaining the personal touch that differentiates us.

Fondest Temple Memory: Networking, socializing and unwinding  with my cohort on Thursday nights. 

Student organizations that I participated in: Community Development Chair, MBA Student Association—in charge of the annual fundraiser

What I learned at Temple:  The importance of teamwork, being able to collaborate with others, which has been valuable throughout my career.

Important skill for my current position:  My entrepreneurial skills are on display every day--creating new processes and building our family business.