First Year Applicant

Our admissions process is competitive—each year we get many more applications than we have spaces for in our freshman class. If you are a strong student, we want to talk to you.

Self-Report High School Transcript

Freshman applicants from U.S. high schools and some international secondary schools will use our self-report high school transcript tool to report their high school courses and grades. Before you begin, see these important reminders. This new tool will be available to freshman applicants in early September. Check your TUportal for updates.


Temple awards more than $100 million in scholarships each year, with many of our first-year students receiving academic scholarships. There is no separate application required.  Additional details on our freshman academic scholarships can be found here

When to apply

Most students apply in the fall of their senior year. Temple accepts students based on Early Action and Rolling Admissions. The sooner you apply, the better. Be sure to find out if there are additional requirements for your program, like a portfolio or audition. 

Early Action

Students interested in Early Action must submit and complete their application by *November 1st.  There will be no extensions to this deadline.  We begin reviewing Early Action applications in September and we will notify students of their decision by January 10th. Early Action is not binding.

Rolling Admissions

Students who apply Rolling Admissions can expect to receive a decision from us 4 to 8 weeks after their application is "complete" in our system. NOTE: Early Action candidates receive priority review and can delay our review of Rolling candidates. During peak admission periods (October-March), it may take more than 8 weeks for a decision to be made on your application. The deadline for Rolling Admissions is February 1.

Dates to Remember:

Freshman Early Action Deadline November 1
Spring 2018 Freshman Application Deadline November 1
Early Action Decision Deadline January 10
Deadline for Nursing and Health Information Management Applicants February 1
Freshman Application Deadline for Fall Semester February 1
FAFSA Financial Aid Application Deadline March 1
Housing and Tuition Deposit Deadline May 1
PHEAA Pennsylvania Resident State Grant Form Deadline May 1

How to apply

The best way to apply is through your TUportal account, which you can also use to check your application status and more. To join TUportal, sign up for our mailing list. We’ll send you an email with instructions within 24 hours.

You can also sign up using Temple’s online application, or apply via the Common Application. Applying costs $55 unless you qualify for a fee waiver (freshmen only).

What we consider

Your high school performance: We’re looking for students who are serious about academics, with at least a B average in high school classes, and in the 3.0 range in college-prep courses. We also look for a well-rounded academic background, with this course distribution:

Subject Units
English 4
Mathematics, college preparatory 4
Foreign language (same language/culture) 2
History/Social Studies 3
Science (2 years lab) 3
The Arts 1
Other college preparatory courses 3

You need a minimum of 16 units in academic subjects from the above chart. Students 18 years of age and older can submit a high school equivalency diploma earned through the General Education Development Test and a high school transcript for all grades completed.

Temple also awards college credits for students who in high school participated in the Advanced Placement program. Check out our equivalencies.

Your standardized test scores: These give us another indication of your academic performance. We accept both the SAT or the ACT. We suggest you take either test in the spring of your junior year, as well as in the fall of your senior year. Results should be forwarded directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. SAT or ACT scores are recommended but not required of applicants 22 years of age or older. Official test scores must be sent directly from the testing agencies. 

The Temple Option: Undergraduate candidates can apply without submitting standardized test scores. Learn more about the Temple Option

Your application essay: It’s key to your application. It tells us something about you beyond your grades and standardized test scores. It’s also an opportunity to stand out from other applicants, minimum of 250 words.

Extracurricular activities: Tell us about what you do outside the classroom. Your outside interests help paint the full picture of who you are, and can factor into the review process.

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