Use your TUportal account to quickly and easily track the status of your application online, including

  • whether your application is complete or in progress.
  • whether there are documents missing from your application.
  • whether or not an admissions decision has been made.
  • review of official admissions decision letter.

You can also use TUportal to schedule a visit, view student videos and more. To join TUportal, sign up for our mailing list. We’ll email you with instructions within 24 hours.

Changing Your Major

If you would like to change your major, visit the change your major page in TUportal. 

Lost your username or password?

If you have activated your TUportal account but have forgotten either your AccessNet username or TUsecure password, go to TUportal and click Login Help for further instructions.

Lost your TUportal activation email?

Please visit our accounts website to activate your TUportal. If you do not know your TUid number, please contact us.

Need to request a withdrawal of your application?

If you have been admitted to Temple but unfortunately have decided not to enroll, please let us know by using this link to request a withdrawal of your application.