Antonio recruits prospective students from the city of Philadelphia and beyond, and is also our primary contact for students in foster care. He and his colleagues work closely with high school counselors and community organizations, helping to cultivate, enroll and provide access to a diverse undergraduate student body at Temple. Antonio is also the designated point of contact for the PA Fostering Independence Tuition Waiver (FosterEd) Program.

Antonio is very involved in his local community, serving on leadership boards and volunteering when he can, as he knows how important it is to build connections in and outside of work. When he was asked what advice he would give students planning for college, he wants to remind all students that college is a gateway to a world of possibilities. Prioritizing academics will allow students the space they need to explore their interests. He encourages students to explore opportunities within and outside of their school and ask for help when needed. Antonio's favorite spot on Temple's campus is the new rooftop above Mazur and Gladfelter Halls. He enjoys taking his lunch from the Yummy Pho food truck there and people watching.