Connor recruits first-year students throughout the Midwest and reviews first-year applications for admission. Being based in Michigan, Connor meets with students, parents and counselors throughout the region to share information about Temple. Connor really loves that Temple is in the middle of a big city, but still has a traditional campus with greenery and places to relax. His favorite spot to unwind when on campus is always O'Connor plaza. It's right near the middle of campus, there's a beautiful fountain, an you can always grab a picture with the owl statue. He shares with students that Philadelphia has everything from internships to theatre productions and sporting events and they are all easily accessible from Temple.  The Broad Street Line and Regional Rail have stops on campus, so it's super easy to navigate the city. In Philly you'll find new favorite parks, restaurants, and shops every time you go out. Advice that Connor gives students is that you have to visit the schools you're interested in person. It can provide excellent context as you determine what type of school you're looking into, and you'll get a sense if that's a place you'd want to be at for four years. Your campus will be your new home, so take advantage of opportunities like campus tours.