Lizzie was born and raised across the state in Pittsburgh but moved to Philadelphia in 2012 to attend Temple University. Her passion for Temple Honors started while she was an Honors student herself, serving as a Coordinator for the Honors Admissions and Transitions Team, a peer instructor in the first-year seminar (now called REACT), and as an Honors Lounge student worker. Graduating in 2016 with a B.A. in Political Science, Lizzie went on to work in college admissions, event planning, and in academic libraries.

Now, as the Assistant Director for Community Engagement, Lizzie can combine her love of events and student development while giving back to the very program that so greatly impacted her own college career. Lizzie aims to create Honors events that are reflective of the Honors pillars and representative of Honors students’ diverse interests and passions. She also works closely with the Honors Alumni Council on yearly events that continue to engage members of the Honors community after graduation!

Lizzie is currently pursuing her M.A. in History here at Temple. She studies histories of death and dying, and her current interest is the rural cemetery movement in North America. In her free time, Lizzie likes to rock climb, go to museums, watch every show and spinoff on Bravo, and attempt the New York Times Saturday crossword puzzle.  

Talk to Lizzie about:

  • Halloween
  • Best places to golf around Philly
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Emo music
  • Staying involved with Honors as an alum
  • Your dream Honors event (seriously, come talk to Lizzie about ideas you have and let’s make it happen!)