Regan recruits first-year students and reviews first-year applications for admission. A native of the Philadelphia area, Regan loves the City of Brotherly Love for its people, vibrant culture, constant happenings, and avid sports fans. Regan’s favorite things about Temple is its strong sense of community, diversity, and commitment to be accessible and affordable for all students. Regan loves that even though we are in the middle of the city, Temple still has a beautiful campus with greenery and tons of places to hang out. Regan’s favorite place at Temple is Food Truck Row and student-run Saxbys Coffee (they have the best cold brew!).

When asked what advice she would give to students applying to college, Regan encourages students to unapologetically invest time and energy into themselves. “Go on tours, ask your questions, apply to tons of scholarships! Your future has limitless opportunities. Always bet on yourself and go after what you are passionate about!”