Vania recruits first-year students, reviews first-year student applications for admission and is in charge of staff training and managing best recruitment practices. Living in Philadelphia, Vania says it’s too hard to just pick her favorite thing or spot in the city. She loves to visit new exhibits, try new restaurants and explore all that Philly has to offer whenever she can. While on campus at Temple, she loves sitting in O’Connor plaza and on the Mazur Hall Terrace. Vania loves the outdoor, multifunctional spaces. She says if you want to meet up with friends or need to get some Zen, either of these places are great to soak up some sunshine and get fresh air. When asked what advice she would give students planning for college, Vania encourages students to not limit themselves. “You’ll be surprised what is out there and available to you. Go to the info session. Ask your questions. Apply to the school or scholarship. Let them tell you what’s possible—don’t self-select out. You could be keeping yourself from something great by not going for it.”