Sofia recruits transfer students at local community colleges, reviews transfer applications for admission and completes transfer credit evaluations.

Newer to the Philadelphia area, Sofia loves how dynamic the city is and how welcoming everyone has been. Whether walking her dog, trying a new restaurant, or getting coffee at Saxby’s, she is always meeting new people and discovering new things to love about her new home. Sofia’s favorite thing about Temple is our mission to help all students reach their fullest potential. She loves that Temple is truly the best of both worlds–it has all the resources of a large city university while still having that close-knit feel within each school or college. Her advice for prospective transfer students is to come to campus! They will not only be able to see where they will be spending their time, but they will get the opportunity to talk to the students and faculty that will make up their community. While on campus, she advises prospective students to not be afraid to ask questions to see how Temple can help them achieve their specific goals.